If you’re new to Lending Path, welcome.  If you’re one of our agent clients, welcome back!  This section of our website is dedicated to providing you, the real estate agent, with a glimpse of our operation.  It’s likely that you’ve received an offer on a home and their preapproval letter is from us at some time in the past.  Or you’re a buyer’s agent and your clients have told you they’ve been approved by Lending Path.  Who are we?

We are a team of mortgage professionals with over 125 years combined in the mortgage industry.  We understand the importance of providing a home loan on time and when promised.  We know that if we fail to close one of our loans on time it can affect multiple deals down the line.  Lending Path understands that when we put our name on a preapproval letter, our reputation is on the line.  We get that.

Our preapproval process requires that our clients complete a loan application along with income and asset documentation.  We want to make certain our clients can afford the home they want to buy as well as having enough funds for a down payment and closing costs.  Oh, and we check their credit as well.

As our clients go through the loan approval process, we provide agents on both sides of the contract a weekly update on loan status.  You can receive updates via email or with a personal phone call.  Your choice.  No need to wonder if the appraisal has been received or loan documents have been ordered, all you have to do is let us know how you prefer to receive updates.  And because we’re local, you’ll always work with an experience loan professional and  not be directed to a “1-800” customer service number.

Our dedication has always been in the purchase market. Sure, we do our fair share of refinance loans because our clients love us.  But our longevity is due to our experience, reliability and understanding how the real estate world truly goes ‘round.  And you know what? You’ll really love working with us.