Buying a Home?

Are you thinking of buying a home in South Carolina or North Carolina? Call us first. Let us answer all your questions about how to qualify for a home loan. We also have a database of real estate agents that can help you search for that perfect home...all at no cost or obligation to you whatsoever.

As you embark on your home buying journey you will need to get a preapproval letter in your pocket. After we review your loan packet and answer all your mortgage questions, we will issue you a preapproval letter, which lets sellers know that you have been prequalified for a mortgage loan. By getting past the loan application and preapproval process, you will be able to both shop with confidence and know the bulk of the loan process is behind you. Also, when making an offer, providing your Lending Path preapproval letter to the seller enhances your offer and increases the likelihood of acceptance.

Call us today at 803-765-9399 or fill out the online preapproval application and start your path home!