Company History

Lending Path is now a subsidiary of Success Mortgage Partners. The company was formerly known as The Hinks Company, which was established in June of 1983. At the time of the company’s founding there were only a small number of mortgage lenders in the Columbia market. Most of those were institutional lenders, such as savings and loan companies and large mortgage bankers. The Hinks Company introduced several new concepts to the Columbia market, including a diversified portfolio of loan programs, out of the office loan origination, and pre-qualification for potential homebuyers. The Hinks Company was also very active in the home builder speculative construction loan market, providing financing for small- to medium-sized builders. While the funding for these loans was provided by smaller community banks, the back office accounting and tracking was handled by The Hinks Company.

After 2008, the mortgage industry changed dramatically. In 2011, we established a new wholly-owned subsidiary named “Lending Path”; combining the expertise of The Hinks Company with the energy and enthusiasm of John Hinks, Jr. and Heath Goodrich. The two men concentrated on how to better the mortgage process for their clients while managing the numerous obstacles and regulations to adhere to. After five years of a strong partnership, Heath and John combined forces with Success Mortgage Partners, Inc. Lending Path’s expertise combined with and the resources of Success Mortgage Partners has allowed for Lending Path to provide the best possible experience for their clients.

With a full portfolio of mortgage loan products and a commitment to serving you, Lending Path is your way home! Call us today at 803-765-9399.